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July 2012
ISBN: 978-0-9852200-3-7
Published by Mira

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  • In Sudan’s war ravaged Darfur region, the government backed Janjaweed militia launches a genocidal
    attack against a pair of defenseless villages.

  • In Washington D.C., a routine police raid on a high-class brothel trafficking in underage prostitutes turns deadly.

  • In the Sinai desert, a small group of Muslim refugees who hold an ancient secret arrive at an isolated Israeli border
    post seeking asylum in the Jewish state.

  • In Somalia, an ex-soldier of the defeated government army walks into a dusty town in search of work with
    a ruthless pirate warlord.

These events, seemingly unrelated, reverberate through the corridors of power in Washington D.C., Tehran, Tel Aviv,
and Beijing, sending the special forces of four nations on a collision course in the lawless Horn of Africa.  There is a war
going on—a new cold war—and the prize is domination of the world’s natural resources:  oil, strategic metals, and, above all,
human beings.

Two spies, two countries:  Hannah Parras, Mossad assassin, and Ivana Svilanovic, CIA special operations officer,
are ordered to risk everything in the name of national interest.


Kindle $9.95

June 2008 
ISBN:  978-0-9801270-5-8
Published by Seven Locks Press

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Professor Jake Elliot knows the truth.  The United States of America is tired, politically divided, and over-extended by
a seemingly endless “war on terror.”  Its adversary, the Islamic Republic of Iran, burns with the flames of apocalyptic
religious fervor.  The Ayatollahs, repressive, unpopular, yet true believers in the inevitability of their victory, seek to
destroy the Great Satan and establish Iran as the first Islamic superpower. Their means to do so:  nuclear weapons.
Jake is assigned by the Administration to formulate a plan to confront the Iranian nuclear threat, but no one seems
to be listening.

Or are they?  Joined by a tough, smart, former Army Captain turned CIA operative named Ivana Svilanovic and OJ Hamsid,
an Iranian-born languages specialist, a US Special Forces team is sent into Iran with orders to create an “incident” at a
heavily guarded secret facility deep in Iran.  They know that their odds of success are slim but are committed to carrying
out their orders whatever the risk.

In Tehran, the commander of the espionage unit of the elite “Al Qods Force”, the brilliant and ruthless General Yazdi,
is planning to send a team of specially trained agents to the west coast of the United States with orders to initiate
a terrorist attack of shocking audacity. All that standsbetween them and success is a burnt out Israeli Mossad agent,
Hannah Parras, and Jake Elliot, who has been terminated from his assignmen yet presses forward to improve
America’s defenses against nuclear terrorism. The United States and Iran are on a apocalyptic collision course.
At the end of the day there can be only one victor and one vanquished.